I finished Zaeed and I could not be happier with this costume!  It’s surprisingly comfortable and not too difficult to move in.  I definitely need to finish up some details on it (coughtattooscough) before Geek Girl Con in October.  shnou took some photos for me in the park. c:

Some classy shots of azimedes's newest costume!  You can't really see the lights she installed on it in these pictures, but it is the coolest thing, trust me.  Also the spine moves with her when she walks—it's badass.

felicisrook took some lovely photos of the Captain America and Iron Man shoes I made for myself last fall!  I love these shoes so much—so comfy!  I painted the heels with nail polish for extra gloss.  

I haven’t made any decoupage shoes in a while but I still have one more pair I need to make: crazy punk Lobo heels.  It will happen.

We are very excited to announce today that ReedPOP, the folks behind New York Comic Con and several other fan conventions, have asked us for help with their harassment policy. We’d like to take it one step further and ask for YOUR input as well. Find out how you can help!

New York Comic Con Has Asked Us To Help Draft Their Harassment Policy! | The Mary Sue (via themarysue)

Yoooo this is awesome, go help the Mary Sue make NYCC better! :D

(via stella-rogers)

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